Build your own chat UI with React components in just a few minutes using the Chat UI Kit from MinChat. Our open-source toolkit accelerates the development of web chat applications with a flexible.

React Chat UI makes chat UI development faster

Why Choose MinChat's React Chat UI?

  • Speed up development: Quickly integrate chat functionality into your app.

  • Customizable components: Tailor the UI to fit your needs.

  • Open Source: Benefit from community-driven improvements.


View The Live Demo If you would like to see the React chat UI in action, you can visit the live demo. This demo allows you to test out the various features of the react chat components and see how they can be integrated into a real-world application. We encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself the power and flexibility of our React chat UI.


Install the component library using your preferred package manager:

Using npm.

npm install @minchat/react-chat-ui

Using yarn.

yarn add @minchat/react-chat-ui


Here's a quick example to get you started:

import {
} from "@minchat/react-chat-ui";
function App() {
  return (
    <MinChatUiProvider theme="#6ea9d7">
      <MainContainer style={{ height: '100vh' }}>
          <MessageHeader />
              text: 'Hello',
              user: {
                id: 'mark',
                name: 'Markus',
          <MessageInput placeholder="Type message here" />

export default App

Modify Component Colors

You can modify the colors of each and every component, by passing a colorSet prop to the MinChatUiProvider which defines the colors to use. ommited colors will use the default theme.

const myColorSet = {
        // input
        "--input-background-color": "#FF0000",
        "--input-text-color": "#fff",
        "--input-element-color": "rgb(0, 0, 255)",
        "--input-attach-color": "#fff",
        "--input-send-color": "#fff",
        "--input-placeholder-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",

        // message header
        "--message-header-background-color": "#FF0000",
        "--message-header-text-color": "#fff",
        "--message-header-last-active-color": "rgb(0, 0, 255)",
        "--message-header-back-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",

        // chat list header
        "--chatlist-header-background-color": "#FF0000",
        "--chatlist-header-text-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",
        "--chatlist-header-divider-color": "rgb(0, 128, 0)",

        "--chatlist-background-color": "rgb(255, 192, 203)",
        "--no-conversation-text-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",

        //chat item
        "--chatitem-background-color": "rgb(0, 0, 255)",
        "--chatitem-selected-background-color": "rgb(255, 255, 0)",
        "--chatitem-title-text-color": "#FF0000",
        "--chatitem-content-text-color": "#FF0000",
        "--chatitem-hover-color": "#FF0000",

        //main container
        "--container-background-color": "rgb(255, 192, 203)",

        "--loader-color": "rgb(0, 128, 0)",

        //message list
        "--messagelist-background-color": "rgb(0, 0, 255)",
        "--no-message-text-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",

        // incoming message
        "--incoming-message-text-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",
        "--incoming-message-name-text-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",
        "--incoming-message-background-color": "rgb(0, 128, 0)",
        "--incoming-message-timestamp-color": "rgb(255, 255, 255)",
        "--incoming-message-link-color": "#FF0000",
        //outgoing message
        "--outgoing-message-text-color": "#FF0000",
        "--outgoing-message-background-color": "rgb(255, 255, 0)",
        "--outgoing-message-timestamp-color": "#FF0000",
        "--outgoing-message-checkmark-color": "#FF0000",
        "--outgoing-message-loader-color": "#FF0000",
        "--outgoing-message-link-color": "rgb(0, 128, 0)",

function App() {
  return (

       {/** rest of your code*/}



Our library is written in TypeScript, offering type safety and easy integration into both TypeScript and JavaScript projects.

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